Grinley Creative is a boutique creative marketing firm with the unique ability to capture a brand’s essence and express it through memorable communications in both the traditional and online worlds. Our award-winning work has been recognized consistently over the years for its originality and creativity. Grinley Creative has worked with a wide range of industries and clients, including Sullivan Tire, Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, Tutco Heating Solutions Group, and Concord Housing + Redevelopment.

The Backstage Brand

The Backstage Brand

Mention the word brand and most people think of advertising. Some of the most well known brands of today are best known for the ads that appear on television, in print and online. The branding process actually begins long before you start promoting your business through paid advertising or social channels.

Branding begins behind the scenes of every business or organization, or as we like to call it on the backstage. History, products, people and culture are what makes companies unique and where their true brand lies. Before communicating your brand to potential customers, Grinley Creative makes sure you have laid claim to  your brand franchise. Once every source of brand information, behind the scenes, is consistent with the brand communicated to potential customers—you can truly begin to build your presence.

Grinley Creative understands brands and how the components of a brand, both on the front and back stage, impact a brand’s equity. We can help identify areas where firms excel and areas where there is room for improvement. Once the uniqueness of your brand has been identified and the back stage is in order, we can lay claim to your brand through communications that are clear, consistent and creative.